The First Swim of the Season


The day started off rainy and cool, but steadily warmed as the hours ticked on. Andy had begun heating the pool as soon as we heard the weather report was calling for the possibility of fine weather. It paid off as the water reached a perfect 87 degrees, and the outside flirted with the 70′s. I slipped in for the first swim of the year, and it felt divine.

The scent of a wood fire carried over the water – someone in the neighborhood was burning for heat or atmosphere, and it smelled both of fall coziness and a spring night. Torn deliciously between seasonal worlds, I floated in the deep end, momentarily free from the usual gravitational burden of walking through life. April hadn’t even ended, and I was already in the pool. I savored the moment quietly, not wanting to tempt the fates with hubris.

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