Man to Man and Hunk to Hunk: A Collection of Collections- Pt. 2

Originally yesterday’s Man-to-Man post was to be the only one, but it turns out there were so many smutty pics to thrill you the men spilled over into this post as well. If it seems that this site is sometimes no more than shirtless guys and nude male celebrities, I have no argument to make against it. When you’re right, you’re right. But you’re also not complaining, and you know it. You’ve never had more fun.

Take the glee that comes across in this post of birthday suits, whereby a naked Hugh Jackman, a nude Zac Efron, and a g-stringed James Franco show off their goods.

Behold – a butt brigade that brings up the rear in the best possible manner – led by the backsides of Nick Youngquest, Scott Herman, and Todd Sanfield.

But before you go ballistic over those butts, check out the assets of these fellows: Harry Judd, Benjamin Godfre, and the aptly-named Stuart Reardon.

Turn the men around and what do you get? A basket, a bulge, a feast for the eyes and then some. See what Colby Melvin, Ngo Okafor, and Dan Osborne are packing in the front of their trunks.

When the title of a post is “The Great Naked Male Celebrity Post” you pretty much know what you’re going to get, and the very visible penis-outline of Rodney Santiago delivers (but even better is the bouncing butt of Matt Bomer in active GIF form.) Bonus: Chris Salvatore kissing a hot guy.

A ukelele-strumming Matthew Mitcham headlines this Crotch Post, also featuring the cock outline of Shemar Moore and the naked ginger greatness that is Greg Rutherford.

Sometimes you don’t need to know the names or see the faces. Sometimes the butts, bedecked in colorful Speedos, are more than ample.

And sometimes you do know the names because they are embedded in the consciousness of what makes a man sexy: in this case the nudity of Jude Law, Ronnie Kroell, and Matthew Camp.

If anyone brought underwear-clad hunks into the mainstream, it was Calvin Klein, and his pioneering efforts featuring Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Sabato, Jr., Travis Fimmel and Jamie Dornan.

In a three-for-one special, this post gets Charlie King, Nick Jonas and Derek Allen Watson to get their kit off and strike several poses.

Finally, we close this collection out with another gleeful moment, in which Chord Overstreet gets sexy and shirtless, Adam Lambert struts and pouts, and Tom Daley just generally looks fit as fuck.

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