Gratuitous Male Nudity For All The Christmas Misfits

For those of us without family or friends on this day, and for those of us who’d rather be away from family and friends on this day, here is a post to distract and take you away from all of that, Calgon bath-style. The anti-climax of Christmas is quick and ruthless, often arriving on the day itself. I remember coming back after Christmas dinner at Suzie’s house as a kid, feeling disappointment that the build-up and lead-in was done in a few short hours, calmed and quieted only by some new toys and gadgets, and the stretch of vacation days ahead, but still bothered that it was all over already. It’s why I’ve come to appreciate the journey rather than the destination, and why, for me, anticipation usually trumps any happy ending. But this is not the time for heavy ruminations like that, I promised a distraction – and an empty and vapid one at that. (What I do best…)

Before next week’s three-part Year in Review, let’s look back at some of the shamelessly salacious skin posts, the ones that featured all that dirty and gratuitous male nudity, the gleefully naked male celebrities, and the shy but shirtless guys as well. What better day for man candy than Christmas?

This post was a Greatest Collection of sorts, Immaculate in its own naked way.

In this one, a look back at one of the greatest battles of the butts of all time.

The great and the gratuitous are on almost full-frontal display here, even if the backdoor is the preferred mode of entry.

Here is an Erection Collection, not so much in the literal sense as a jumping off point of inspiration.

A more recent post chronicled some favorite nude dudes.

And this one is a bunch of nude male celebrities masquerading as something more (but don’t worry, it’s not).

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