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Sometimes I feel like I’ve settled into a mainstream life of complacency, and in so many ways I’m just another old married guy. But to be honest, I’ve always felt that way, and it’s never dulled my edge. Whenever I feel that sharpness start to soften, I tend to do something to scare myself into new realms of creative excitement and uncharted artistic territory. Lately, however, I’ve felt less of a need to shock, and more of a desire to connect, but despite these efforts not much has changed.

Sometimes, I need a little push. When discussing ways to increase visitors to this site, I thought about all those places that block due to its perceived “Adult” or “Sexual” content. I’ve received various messages from readers over the years that this site is not available at their local cafe or hotel. I’ve seen it blocked first-hand at Best Buy, and from my own workplace. (Not that those folks aren’t dying to get on, or off.) The fact that this site is considered “NSFW” has always been fine with me – if not mostly a source of pride for my NSFW attitude.

But in recent months, as I’ve become aware of site traffic and seen other less-interesting fare garner rave write-ups and readership, I wondered if I’ve forsaken a larger audience in the search of honest, naked, raw emotion – both literally and figuratively – and if perhaps it’s not in my best interest to tone things down, to strike a gentler chord, and appeal to a broader base.

Thankfully, after speaking to a couple of friends whose opinions I respect and implicitly trust, I’ve come to a conclusion that should satisfy my creative expression without alienating my core audience of readers (all five of you), and it can be summed up in two simple words:

Fuck that.

This website was built on the very premise that nothing would be off-limits, nothing would be too racy, and nothing would be censored. It’s built a proud following for all the gratuitous male nudity, the tongue-in-cheek lounging-around in my underwear, shirtless and naked celebrity men, and an occasional sexy Madonna shot . This site will always veer on the side of her Sex book over that English Rose nonsense, and I will make no apologies for it, nor kow-tow to anyone who attempts to put this baby in a box.

You’re still never going to get me to go all full-frontal on your ass (not on the Internet at least), and I’m not about to link to straight-up guy-on-guy porn – there’s a modicum of taste and elegance that will always permeate this site, no matter how minor and hard-to-find. But if I want to recount a dick in my mouth, you’re going to have to suck along with me, or get out of the way.

And for the record, I’ve never considered anything on this site particularly NSFW or dirty in a negative way. We don’t go for salacious, we go for sultry. We don’t go for pornographic, we go for artistic. We don’t go for shameful, we go for proud. And if you can’t tell the difference, you probably shouldn’t be here in the first place.

The small minded and culturally bereft need not apply.

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