Shirtless Nick Jonas: Fit For A (Scream) Queen

Ryan Murphy can always be counted on for piquing interest in a tired television idea, such as he did with his latest ‘Scream Queens.’ Enlisting some of the hottest young stars of the moment (and horror-movie matriarch Jamie Lee Curtis) he manages to do it again (hey Arianna Grande!), but like many of Murphy’s endeavors, (‘Glee’, ‘Nip/Tuck’, the second and fourth season of ‘American Horror Story’) this one looks inconsistent at best.

It has, however, already made its mark in the superficial hunk-obsessed landscape of this blog, with the following GIFs of Nick Jonas flexing and posing and showing off his shirtless body because that’s what you do when there’s a murderer on the loose and you’re a hot guy. No stranger to on-screen shirtlessness, or magazine almost-nudity, or sweaty sex scenes, Mr. Jonas pumps his biceps gamely for this one. Of course, in the second episode he is nowhere to be found, and that sort of strip-bait-and-tease is why I don’t watch much television anymore.

(It’s so much easier to wait for the shirtless screen grabs, and it saves an inordinate amount of time to booty.)

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