The Oiled-Up Recap of 8/8/16

The day and the month add up to the year, and this post adds up to the week that came before. Summer still smolders, and I’m still not even close to ready for it to end. Enough about that, let’s go back… the only way to do summer right: stall, stall, and stall some more.

Last Friday marked the beginning of the Summer Olympics in Rio, and it looks to be the usual hunk-filled parade of oiled-up beauty and brawn, beginning with this shirtless guy who all but stole the opening ceremony: Pita Taufatofua.

It was a banner week of male nudity – and I’m talking full-frontal male nudes, thanks to a naked Orlando Bloom and an equally-naked Justin Bieber. Not to be outdone, John Cena got nude too.

The bodacious butt of Tyler Hoechlin.

Nick Jonas put on a wet underwear show.

The attic is back, baby, and better than ever. This may be where I spend my fall.

A multifaceted host makes the Hunk of the Day: Osher Ginsberg.

The proper garnish makes all the difference.

Losing my Speedo is better than losing my religion. Losing my pants is simply common-place.

Spring Thaw Salvation, for the Delusional Grandeur Tour, because the dream goes on.

Summer must continue, because Tom Ford just gave us the perfect fragrance for it.

A fencer, a ginger, and a male model, all in one: Race Imboden.

More Hunks: Hugo Parisi, Rogan O’Connor, Ning Zetao, & Jimmy Feigen.

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