Snowy (Re)Cap

Let’s not discuss the snow, ok? Only because I’m trying to cut down on the word ‘fuck’ here. And ‘bullshit.’ So please, no snow talk. Instead, let’s go back to the days immediately following all the SuperBowl glory, and one Sebastian Vollmer. Besides, I’m still coming down off the Madonna high of last night. I need a moment…

Ricardo Veia showed the magic of black and white, and he did it all in his underwear.

For those of you who missed Ben Cohen on the blog of late, you’re not alone, so here you go.

Dance, dance, cry.

It’s all about The MoMo.

Only a few special guys get a second crowning as Hunk of the Day. Chris Salvatore is pretty damn special.

When in doubt, quote Baudelaire and post a mustache.

Getting your Krit off ~ Krit McLean.

Sometimes you just have to Thai one on.

The Special Guest Blog spot this Sunday was delectably filled by Carl Franco, who put a culinary spin on things.

Channing Tatum’s naked ass.

Finally, the highlight of the week was easily the return of Madonna to the pop scene. Not that she ever really left, but she’s back in full-force thanks to this brilliant video that elevates the lead single from her forthcoming album ‘Rebel Heart’ to a whole new level. Things are about to get damn good. Ole!

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