Ritorna, Ritorna Madonna!

Madonna heralds her official return to the pop frontline this evening on the Grammy Awards (she’s been middle-of-the-pack for the last few years). This time the hunger is back, the sparkle in full effect, and the music easily her best in a decade. New album ‘Rebel Heart’ drops in a few weeks (unless the most recent leak impels her to surprise us a little early). The video for lead single ‘Living For Love’ was discussed in a post before this. All in all, it feels like a very exciting moment. That’s always been the case for us die-hard fans, but this time I think the whole world is going to join in the celebration.

It feels similar to the excitement and electricity in the air before the releases of ‘Erotica‘, ‘Ray of Light‘, and ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor.’ In other words, the magic of Madonna is about to take hold. In my life, it turns out I could actually count on very little, but the one woman who has always been there for me still stands tall, and gives me strength. The rebel heart beats faster, the blood pumps harder, and the world rattles with anticipation.

Picked up my crown, put it back on my head,

I can forgive, but I will never forget…

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