The Magic of MoMo

In spite of the fact that Andy gave him Pop Rocks on New Year’s Eve and he vomited shortly thereafter, Suzie’s little tyke MoMo returned to our home for several dinners since then. For MoMo, I think, the best part of any visit is a freeze-pop, and Uncle Andy had them at the ready. There’s nothing more satisfying than sending your friend’s children home on a sugar high. It just lifts the spirits.

(Of course, if you let him out of your sight for one quick moment, you may have to clean up turquoise stickiness from hidden parts of the hardwood floor. Word to the wise, from the wise.)

At this frigid time of the year we find solace in our friends, who have indeed become family. The sound of little kids running around our home can muffle the coldest winds.

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