It’s Ben Cohen, Baby…

And it’s been far too long since we’ve featured Mr. Cohen on this website. (I don’t like to go much longer than a month between Ben features.) Apologies about that, but here’s a video of his StandUp Foundation calendar shoot. It’s always a joy to see the finished product of Ben Cohen underwear shots in perfectly lighted magnificence, but occasionally the road to get such shots is littered with sexy moments too. Such is the case when you check out this quick little making-of video. Helping matters out considerably are the generous smiles Mr. Cohen flashes throughout, even when getting sprayed in the face. Yes, it’s captured on video. Just watch…

(And in the event that you think there’s nothing behind the hotness, visit the StandUp Foundation’s website and read about all the noble efforts Mr. Cohen has made to combat bullying. Pretty impressive package all around.)


Then there are these GIFs from an Attitude photo shoot where, if you use your imagination in just the right (or wrong) way you can picture Ben Cohen naked. You are welcome.

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