Let Us Recap

On this very important holiday, let us take a light-hearted romp with the weekly recap. I can’t decide if this blog should veer into the more personal or less personal… the former may be more interesting, but the latter is better poised for longevity and inclusiveness. In the meantime, we remain in flux, and in limbo – and I can’t stand either. On with the show…

Somewhere, lost amid the kitchen shuffle, this website marked its 11th year of existence – making it a dinosaur as far as websites go. Still we chug along. I think I can, I think I can.

I made a return to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, even if at first I couldn’t remember.

The madness and melancholy of Morrissey. And the hope of Casey Stratton.

This prick royally pissed me off, and promptly apologized. Twice. (It still wasn’t enough.)

A favorite Boston stop for delicious goodies.

Meet my old friends Harold and Maude, by way of Suzie.

Come to the hottest party of the winter season – get your tickets now!

Keeping things hot in the cold, were Hunks like Tom BradyDuncan JamesColin KaepernickDaniel Garofali, Mitch Lawrence, Trevor Adams, Sir Jet, and our very own kitchen Hunk, Cristian.

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