Hunk of the Day: Cristian

Like Madonna, the Hunk of the Day goes by a single name: Cristian. This is a very special selection, as I don’t often feature gentlemen whom I’m had the privilege of meeting in real life. I’ve had the honor of corresponding with a few on FaceBook or Twitter (Scott Herman, Ronnie Kroell, Brett Gleason, Matthew Camp, and Kevin O’Donnell) – but this is the first Hunk (aside from my husband) whom I’ve had in my home. Not only that, but I’ve seen this man down on his knees, up close and personal, right in my own kitchen.

This particular hunk is a recommendation from the Powers-That-Be, and I’ve been assured that Cristian will carry his new title around with him proudly. He’s made it into an elite group, and I only hope the rarefied air he now breathes will not go to his head. Only a select few have what it takes to be in this club. Hell, I haven’t even been named a Hunk of the Day yet. (And I choose the damn guys.)


Anyway, feast your eyes upon Cristian – one of the talented men who has been working on our kitchen renovation. He can, and has, done it all: painting, sawing, installing cabinets and appliances, laying tile, grouting, and relocating windows. I’m usually at work all day, so I haven’t been lucky enough to witness this Hunk in action very much, but I’m told he packs a killer tool… belt. As do all the guys from Skylands Services, where the Hunk quotient is matched only by their ability to get a job done in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. Congratulations Cristian! (You can thank Gregg and Andy for this. Or not.)

(Personally, I think he makes a much more convincing bear than a bunny, but every man has his dreams.)

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