A Recap on the First of May – Hey!

On this first of May, as we begin one of my favorite months, a look back as is our Monday tradition. The Delusional Grandeur Tour culminates this month with its final flourish. I closed out April in Boston, and we shall return a couple more times before the end is at hand. For now, the week in review:

It began in the Windy City, where beauty and forgiveness found a way, and an artful lunch proved a formidable balm.

The day the world shrunk.

A very pretty post of Bryce Thompson.

Waving good-bye to Chicago.

Bodyworks by Bowers.

Missing in Boston.


Beer buddy.

How to stuff it.

The quiet dove. 

Sexy blokes, Round one.

Sexy blokes, Round two.

Hunks of the Day included Francois Imbeau Dulac, Aaron Renfree, Frankie Cammarata, Dan Murphy & Charlie Carver.

The most exciting news, however, happened in the dark of night, on a blissfully warm evening: the first swim of the season.

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