Waving Good-bye to Chicago

Some tour stops have a little bit of everything: drama, fun, surprises, tears, beauty, sorrow, food, art, fashion, shopping, friendship, fights, theater, and hotel lobbies. My trip to Chicago was one of them. To be honest, I could have done without a third of those things, but life doesn’t often filter out the best bits. That’s what a blog is for.

As I wave to a larger-than-life version of Abraham Lincoln along the Magnificent Mile, let’s recap the Chicago adventures.

It began in the air.

Soon enough, though, I found my footing.

I also found a place beneath the sea.

It was a place of revolution

a revolution of lost love.

A time of pain

 …a time of healing

 …and a time of beauty.

It was like one could hold the world in the palm of their hand.

Finally, the last image is from the Palmer House Hotel, which comprises my very first memory of Chicago. We’ve come full circle. Who wants to start drawing the next one?

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