The Quiet Dove


Is it “morning dove” or “mourning dove”? I’m literally too lazy to type a few words into Google to research this for you, so have at it and leave condescending comments on my FaceBook or Twitter feeds. I love that so much. This is the antidote for that other bird post, the one that didn’t have such a happy ending. Here, a bird sits on its offspring (which had poked its head up just for a moment before the photo was taken).

The nest resides in the upper branches of a climbing hydrangea, against a brick chimney, and I didn’t notice it until the fledgling was already hatched. Unlike the robins, these birds made no sound and gave no attacks, even though I’d been working beneath them clearing debris and pruning the branches of the very vine in which their home rested. Had this been a robin’s nest, we would have been pummeled and driven off by a scene straight out of Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ – and I am NOT in a Tippi mood.

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