A Not-So-Patriotic Recap

The 4th of July came and went without much notice here, which doesn’t mean I’m a bad American, it just means that I hold it closer to my heart and away from this blog. Instead, the most patriotic thing some of us can do is revel in who we are, and where we came from. For me, that’s my family, a living embodiment of the American Dream – and the last week was filled with a look back at our first family vacation in almost two decades.

It started off in Boston before moving not-soon-enough to Dennisport, a cute little portion of Cape Cod that held a beautiful shore and fine weather. We played on the beach, and ran on the beach, and buried brothers on the beach.

I built a sandcastle before the golden hour and its accompanying tide washed it away.

The flowers of Cape Cod never fail to disappoint, and neither did the seafood.

No Cape vacation would be compete without a round of miniature golf and ice cream.

It was one of those perfect meetings of sun and fun and family that made us all wish it didn’t have to come to a close.

When we returned to summer in upstate New York, things were all wild and sweet.

Once the wholesome family recap was done, it was back to all the smut that most of you have come to expect and demand. Bringing the Hunks back to the fore were Joe ManganielloSesamir Yearby, Darrell Thomas, and two guys you may be quite familiar with: David Beckham – whose new set of sexy H&M photos put him back on my FaceBook feed, and Tom Daley, whose dressing and undressing for Wimbledon was an exercise in exhibitionism. I know that exercise.

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