Beachy Keen – 3

It’s been years – almost thirty in fact – since I last played on the beach with my brother. But when he asked me to help his kids bury him in the sand, it was as if no time at all had passed. We’d done that as kids – well, I’d buried him (never the other way around because I did not find any joy in being buried alive) and here we were doing it with his children. Someone just needs to cue the ‘Circle of Life’ and be done with it.

There’s something very Tim Burton-esque about seeing your brother’s disembodied head in the sand, barking orders to his kids, and then to you. And there’s something very satisfying about getting to ignore those orders.

After seeing the fun that his Dad was having, Noah wanted to be buried too. Like father, like son.

Noah’s sister Emi was only too happy to oblige. Like uncle, like niece.

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