Hunk of the Day: Darrell Thomas

darrell thomas by tom cullis 101

The relationship between photographer and model has long been a symbiotic one. Like the sea anemone and clownfish, they need each other – perhaps not vitally, but in ways that no other can provide. I’m not sure who’s who in that analogy – and even the sea version has its dose of tension (the sea anemone does sting the clown fish that it’s protecting, it’s just that the clownfish has its own protective coating that prevents them from feeling the sting.) But I digress under the sea when it’s the model and photographer above the water who capture our attention in this post.

Darrell Thomas is the model (and Hunk of the Day), and Tom Cullis is the photographer. When the artist and the muse come together in such perfect alchemy, the magic is palpable, and the results, as seen here, are momentous. It’s not enough to look as perfect as Mr. Thomas does, one must have a way of capturing the light in just the right way, of eliciting just the right pose and posture, and that’s the province of Mr. Cullis. The body of work they crafted here is a testament to beauty and creation and collaboration. It’s the sort of thing that inspires me over and over again, and never fails to make me want to attempt to do something this gorgeous.

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