A Bittersweet Recap

Monday mornings are usually the time for a recap and look back at the week that came before, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do right now. In the face of the worst shooting in American history, I am going to celebrate the same things I’ve always loved ~ family and friends, love and beauty.

Let’s start with a few flowers, at a time of the year when all they want to do is bloom.

Then there is my family – the people who usually make me feel safe and loved no matter what. My Mom joined me for a Broadway trip to New York, and I finally got around to recapping it.

Sometimes the snow comes down in June.

Portals & perspective.

Some friends are even closer than family, especially when you’ve known them from birth.

A President, a Queen, and going over the Borderline.

(And proof that I don’t love absolutely everything that Madonna does.)

Tea time.

A GLSEN Gala, in the name of Pride, and a bright promise and challenge for the future.

Finally, there is beauty in the male form, and a celebration of our sexuality, in all the Hunks of the Day we’ve featured here. That continues with Aydian Dowling,  Chris Spearman, Ross Worswick, Zachary Gordin, & Richard Hadfield.

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