Our President & Our Queen

Tonight history will be made when Madonna performs on The Jimmy Fallon Show, and President Barack Obama is the guest. That’s enough to make my head explode, and I cannot wait to see how it unfolds. She’s no longer promoting the magnificent ‘Rebel Heart’ album, or any project of the moment, and this tends to be the time when she does something interesting. (Remember the post-‘Erotica‘/pre-‘Bedtime Stories‘ appearance on David Letterman? Or the Sandra Bernhard pre-‘Like A Prayer‘ flirt-fest? Maybe it’s not the limbo that brings out the be(a)st in her, maybe it’s just David Letterman…) Rumor has it that she’ll be singing a song from her very first album

In celebration of this momentous night, here is a quick look back at some recent Madonna Timeline entries, which is on its way back for the cajillionth time. We are not quite done with her canon just yet (and I hope we never will be).

Are you ready to Jump?

Step into the Spotlight!

Bitch I’m Madonna.

I’ve spent some time as a narcissist.

This masquerade is getting older.

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