Hunk of the Day: Jesus Chri…err, Luz


This is Jesus Luz, the Hunk of the Day. In honor of Good Friday, I thought it wise to do something Jesus-themed. I mean, in a sense, the big JC was the first shirtless Hunk of the Day – what with the swaddling clothes and then that half-naked crucifixion bit. Bondage, flogging, torture – how far is Good Friday from a hardcore BDSM scene? And how far is this blog from being excommunicated? Pope Francis, bring it on.

This Jesus is far from a martyr. He was, after all, one of Madonna’s boyfriends. And I’m not talking the Holy Mother either. He was shagging her from around 2009-2010, and got some modeling mileage out of it. He’s definitely one of her hotter choices, more-so in photographs than in action it would appear from videos. At any rate, here he is, representing the name ‘Jesus’ in all its blasphemous glory.

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