The Amazing Bulge of Ben Cohen

Leave it to Attitude magazine to get Ben Cohen into his briefs again, but if he wants to continue enticing his fans, he’s going to have to go a little further next time. It’s a race between Mr. Cohen and David Beckham to who will show their bum first, I just feel it. If I had to bet, my money would be on Beckham’s behind seeing the photographer’s flashbulbs first. But Cohen’s proven pretty ballsy in the past too, so it might be closer than wildly anticipated. Before that kind of glory, however, let’s take a brief look back. Scroll down and click away…

This wet underwear post was one of the first to feature Mr. Cohen. You never forget your first time.

Then there was this trio of boxer-brief shots.

And this trio of classic Ben Cohen bulge shots.

He looks good in an underwear-clad video too.

Here was his first Hunk of the Day feature.

And here he is in a cowboy hat.

Holding a pipe, and on the beach.

Working out before a little dancing.

But he’s best in these tight briefs.


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