Mr. Ilagan Goes Back to Washington

While I’m in Washington for the weekend, here’s a linky look back on previous visits. It remains one of my favorite places, for sentimental reasons mostly, but also for its culture – some of which I have only touched the surface. I still have yet to explore much of the Smithsonian, and I’ve never even been to the Lincoln Memorial. (The National Zoo remains my favorite, so I do that almost every time I’m there. I’m a sucker for the pandas.) Perhaps I’ll be able to do a few more things this weekend. In the meantime, here’s what came before:

One of my favorite things to do: sidecars at the Jefferson.

A difficult thing to do while in this city: avoiding politics.

A place to stave the chill off.

A bathroom floor to-die-for.

An amazing dish of Peking duck.

A visit to the White House, with no pot to piss in.

And more family memories that shade any Washington visit, in very good ways.

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