That’s James Franco Nude?

james franco nude 1

No, not really. And we know gratuitous male nudity here. Below is the supposed “nude selfie” that James Franco posted in the middle of the night, then quickly deleted. Boo on both. First of all, it’s not nudity. Second, why the sudden shyness for such a relatively innocent photograph? I love Mr. Franco’s collection of selfies, shirtless and otherwise, as well as his philosophical take on the role selfies play in our culture, so I’m not sure why he so precipitously took the pic below off his Instagram account. Show some balls!

Of course, it’s not Franco’s fault that the media has gone and made something out of nothing. It’s quick-on-the-draw and desperate-for-headlines bloggers like myself who said it was a naked selfie, but I like to delve a deeper. So for now, this gets categorized under ‘Shirtless Male Celebrities‘ and ‘Underwear‘, but not quite ‘Gratuitous Nudity.’ He’ll have to work harder for that. (Like he did in this post, where he gives a glimpse of his bare ass.)

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