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My friend Jim Koury was kind enough to feature me in this month’s issue of Diversity Rules Magazine – Oct. 2012 - so be sure to check out the online version of the current issue here.

“Alan Bennett Ilagan is a gay blogger based in upstate New York and Boston, and the man What started out as a simple repository of his written work has grown into a popular blog that gets updated daily (even on weekends) with photographs and blog posts and the latest in gay pop culture. From David Beckham and Ben Cohen in their underwear to an ongoing Madonna Timeline, it also includes personal essays by Ilagan, and an extensive collection of galleries for those who simply want to look. After undergoing a dramatic revamping, the site is now more user-friendly than ever, with archives and search options and a brand new lay-out. It will celebrate its tenth anniversary early next year – an eternity in the fast and fickle world of personal blogs. Over the years, readers have had the opportunity to witness the evolution of an artist, both personally and professionally, as Ilagan has shared things as intimate as his marriage to his husband Andy as well as his public work as the Manager of the Romaine Brooks Gallery at the Capital Pride Center. As engaging and entertaining as its creator, continues to provide am unabashedly gay take on life, love, beauty, and art.”

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