Hunk of the Day: James Franco

While he has never been my type (I don’t go for the unwashed or the unkempt), James Franco is quite popular with just about everyone else. I posed the question on FaceBook and someone said it was because he exuded an everyday-guy realness that was missing from most of Hollywood perfection. I can see that, but he’s still not doing it for me.

The thing about Mr. Franco that bothers me the most is that I still can’t determine whether he’s a yet-to-be-understood masterful genius, or just full of complete and utter bullshit. I’ve oscillated between each stance over the years, and he has given me no indication which one is real. And so we wait. And watch. Even tripe like ‘Oz – The Great and Powerful.’

For the Hunk of the Day post, I’ve found a smattering of photos from Mr. Franco’s career – starting with a few shots of his recent Gucci cologne campaign (not an unfortunate fragrance in the least) and finishing with these nudes from some movie whose name escapes me at the moment. The latest thing I’ve read about his next move is something to do with gay porn. So I may turn into a fan after all. We shall see. Meet you back here after the screen-caps come out.

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