Memories of Super Bowl Glory


There is simply no way this year’s Super Bowl will ever attain the gloriously dizzying heights of last year’s spectacle. First of all, there are no sexy Patriots in the game. That means no Tom Brady, no naked Rob ‘The Gronk’ Gronkowski, and no Wes Welker. Second, there is no new David Beckham underwear commercial. Third, and most importantly, there is no Madonna (and no new Madonna song). The latter alone means it’s going to be one dismal letdown, even if Beyonce does her best.

Still, I may check out the game, because it’s what Americans do, and with my new interest in the sport I have a little better idea as to what’s happening on the field. As of this writing, I’m torn between the teams. Originally I went in routing for the 49ers, but ever since Chris Culliver made those homophobic remarks, I’ve been leaning toward the Ravens. It also helps that a straight ally, linebacker Brendan Ayanbadejo is playing for the latter. Besides, as a general rule I prefer the underdog.

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