Pats on the Back


The Patriots are playing today as we near the culmination of the football season, and while we’ll never match the Madonna-graced heights of last year’s Super Bowl, we’re doing a build-up anyway in the hopes that the Pats make it to the Big Game. (According to gay whiz Nate Silver, it’s going to be a match between the Patriots and the Seahawks, in which case I’ll be able to cry out, ‘Squish the Flying Fish!’) [Update: And the Seahawks just made a pretty major come-back to set up Mr. Silver to be correct...] [Second Update: Mr. Silver was wrong - the Seahawks just lost by two... the perils of pre-programmed posts.]

For today’s Sunday Football post, a pair of favorites: Wes Welker and Tom Brady, both of whom have been Hunks of the Day.

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