The First November Recap

It was a week in which we bade October good-bye.

It was a week in which we got dolled up for Halloween.

It was a week in which we gained an extra hour.

It was the week in which we entered November, and there’s no turning back now.

On this blog, it was the week we went back to Ogunquit, starting with a whimsical stop at Spoiled Rotten. Filled with the richness of fall, the town was in glorious color. It went by, as it always does, much too quickly, encapsulated by a brief haiku. The entirety of winter stands between us and our return there… unless I make an oft-wished-for journey to Maine in the middle of winter as part of The Delusional Grandeur Tour.

Seasonal splendor played its fiery part in the past week, as the foliage burned before falling away, and fall made the turn from something merely hinted at to a full-blown descent of temperature and leaves.

This is some seriously scary shit I did not need to see

In the realm of Hunkdom, we crowned Dallas ‘Flashman’ Wade, Dez Bryant, Casey Conway and Colton Haynes.

Halloween arrived, Part One and Part Two of it, plus an added trip down memory lane.

November was right on its heels.

Somehow it’s football season, in the midst of that baseball series, if it is still going on.

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