Hunk of the Day: Louis Virtel

louis virtel 100

Above and beyond the superficial perfection of male models, with their perfectly-pumped pecs and smoothly-shaved nether regions, there are pockets of what makes a man sexy that transcend the traditional trappings of what we’ve been led to like. First and foremost among these is a sense of humor. The hottest guy in the world is not the least bit sexy if he lacks a good funny bone. Thankfully for Louis Virtel he is both funny and cute enough to be honored as the Hunk of the Day – a badge he should wear proudly beneath his rainbow umbrella.

I’ve long been an admirer of Mr. Virtel, who first came to notice with his Verbal Voguing videos that had me consistently in stitches. His is the fast-paced quick-draw wit and humor that always impresses, oozing equal parts self-confidence, dead-on-description, and a comforting bit of self-deprecation that makes him ultimately relatable. As much as he loves to dish and ding the ridiculousness of celebrities, he’s as much a fan as the rest of us – and he lets us all laugh at it because that’s what works. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that he shares a love and encyclopedic knowledge of Madonna.

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