The Return of Winter, Recapped

We knew it was far from over, but maybe we didn’t know it was this far from over. Winter is set to return with a vengeance, and those few days of 60 degree weather are but wisps of memory now. Who knows how many inches of the white stuff are in store for us, but I’m sick of it all. Let’s go back, if only a few days.

Well, maybe I don’t want that either. I forgot how it began

A frittata is very forgiving.

Don’t break the seal.

For the love of lentils.

AC Squared.

Magic in the brewing

The rainbow.

Her story.

Returning to the boulevard of broken dreams.

Finding Dorian Gray in the Albany Barn.

Lenten supper.

Social media synergy.

Hunks of the Day included Sean William Donovan, Alex Sewall, Patrick Boyd, Jonathan Soroff, James Longman, Vaseline Doknic & Clay Honeycutt.

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