Her Story

Madonna’s latest magazine spread also yielded a video project that is among her most beautiful and haunting. It put me in mind of some of her greatest artistic moments – the ones that turned themselves into cultural milestones, not just for Madonna, but for the landscape of entertainment and provocation. Here are a few that the Madonna Timeline has touched upon.

First up is an apt song for this time of the year, the majestic ‘Like A Prayer’ and its accompanying gospel heights.

Salvation came the year she turned 40 and released the ‘Ray of Light’ album.

From the ‘Inside Out’ she examined each step of her life.

For someone who doesn’t like to look back, she made a promise in ‘I’ll Remember‘.

She’l teach you how to… well, ‘Erotica‘.

Just watch her burn, and ‘Let It Will Be’.

Summer makes musical memories, especially when ‘This Used To Be My Playground‘ comes on the radio.

Who wants to get high? ‘Rainbow High.’

Everybody’s living in a material world, and she was the original ‘Material Girl’ – you know that we are…

She don’t wanna hear your ‘Words‘.

Deeper and Deeper’ and sweeter and sweeter – never gonna hide it again.


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