There’s Magic in the Air

Rebounding from sickness and back issues and the general ickiness of winter, I’m feeling the first flush of spring fever, and the excitement that comprises the Final Leg of The Delusional Grandeur Tour. Recent stops in Tucson, Arizona and my beloved Boston have been completed, and upcoming jaunts include New York and Chicago. It will conclude in Ogunquit, Maine just before summer begins. Those are happy words and memory-inducers: summer and Ogunquit and Maine.

First, though, the trying days of Lent. The dirty, salty roads. The messy snow of which we haven’t seen the last. The riotous flailing of March winds as the month transforms from lion to lamb. We’ll get there, but we’re not out of the woods yet. It’s still very much winter, and that’s no joke.

My friend JoAnn will be visiting next weekend. That’s another happy thought. There’s a lot to catch up on – a winter’s worth of happenings since we last met around the holidays. Friends, food, and warmth. It’s how we make it through.

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