The Missing July

Having spent the bulk of this past weekend updating the Archives here (at least back through 2010 – scroll down and pick a month – any month!), I can now give a recap of both July 2011 and August 2011, which up until today had gone missing. They’re back now, after much tedious and tiresome copying and pasting (hello Day of Labor), and you can see all the ridiculous posts that I probably shouldn’t have even bothered with restoring. I kid. Most of the posts prior to 2012 have been edited and weeded out to only the strong and salacious, so have a go knowing that most of the filler has been excised. (There are just so many shirtless male celebrities I can bother with these days.)

Here are some highlights, including a naked Harry Potter (a.k.a. Daniel Radcliffe) as seen in the featured pics:

  • The movie may have gotten a PG-13 rating, but my Adventures in Babysitting post might have gotten an R for all the shit talk.
  • And since it’s summer, there’s always skinny dipping and stripping.
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