The Last Week of June, Recapped

June ended on a wild and tempestuous note, with a rash of flash-floods and thunderstorms that shook much of New England up. More on this past weekend’s sojourn to Boston and Cape Cod later, for now let’s put the past in the past, so we can get on with July. Summer needs to turn to high…

It wouldn’t be summer without a Super Speedo post, so that’s how we began.

The pool went and grabbed my iPhone, pulling it to a wet death at the bottom of the shallow end, and despite my quick efforts at retrieval, bag after bag of rice, and a hair-dryer, it was all for naught. $300 later I have a new one (whose battery drains just as quickly as the original) and a new Apple coverage plan to cover two more dips.

Is this the saddest song ever written? I don’t know…

The twins – Emi and Noah – dropped by a for a swim and a cook-out, and they are as cute as ever.

The kitchen was put into use – summer use (which means we grilled, saving the stove and oven for cooler days) – and the results were this quinoa dish and a simple grilled chicken meal.

Shamelessly-shirtless (and pants-less) poses were posted here, here, and here.

Far better bodies were displayed by the Hunks of the Day, Victor Ross and Soren Gear.

Why I don’t need a vacation (but want and will take one, or several, nonetheless).

High-blooming escapades by the likes of lychnis, a variegated dogwood, and some hydrangeas heralded the arrival of summer proper.

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