Post-Oscar Recap

Last night’s live-blogging of the Oscar telecast began in thrilling fashion, but fizzled as the show went on. In fact, it’s the ‘In Memoriam’ tribute portion that’s on as I’m writing this. Multi-tasking, baby. Onto a brief look back at the week that came before this last day of February, an extra day only allotted every four years.

Alex Valley (featured poster boy for this recap) kicked things off as the Hunk of the Day.

A family memory came to me in the middle of the night.

This fragrance was a happy surprise, even if it contained elements of nakedness and Madonna.

Family dominated the week, as my brother celebrated his 39th birthday. (He makes furniture too.)

Somewhat surprisingly, Anderson Cooper only just got his first Hunk of the Day honor.

The hue of spring, as early as it was welcome.

When flowers fade, beauty lingers.

A mid-winter, mid-afternoon cocktail break.

Shit went from faux to pho.

Other Hunks featured this week were Eric RutherfordHarry Aikines-Aryeetey, Aaron Lee SmithPhilippe Gagné, and Jack Eyers.

Finally, the Oscar recap as live-blogged by yours truly. It’s why I hate live-blogging.

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