Post NYC Recap

The staggered posting format of this blog means that a proper recap of this recent weekend in New York will have to wait, as will other things. For now, a look back at what went on website-wise, not in real life. I prefer the latter to the former, so do the math as to my satisfaction level as I hurriedly write this.

A hot ginger led the Hunk of the Day charge. This is Steven Di Costa in his fiery debut.

Followed hot-on-his-heels by a midnight charged post of Sergey Lazarev.

Are you hungry? Try this uni and lobster in Cambridge.

In search of more heat? Here’s Eyal Berkover.

My favorite part of a party. Well, almost.

Rays of white.

How to smell like a daisy.

Daisy party garb.

A daisy birthday.

A somewhat-semi-annual Broadway excursion in effect again.

My sheer brief underwear.

A blood-sucking Hunk of the Day: Alexander Skarsgård.

The glamour! The fashion! The cologne!

And again!

The rarity of a two-time Hunk of the Day.

A beautiful bouquet is worth more than the sum of its parts.

One of my favorite Hunks of the Day in recent memory: Jacob Tomsky.

A most-fitting, and surprisingly-touching tribute from a Queen to a Prince.

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