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Olympic Spotlight: Jorik Hendrickx

Adding to the impressive roster of openly-gay athletes competing in this winter’s Olympic games, this is Belgian figure skater Jorik Hendrickx. In his home country, he is a two-time National Champion, and this marks his second Olympic Games. He joins Adam Rippon, Gus Kenworthy and Eric Radford in representing the LGBTQ community, which is a pretty wonderful thing to see. 

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Adam Rippon: Giving Us the Sassiest

Vice President Mike Pence (who didn’t even stand when the host country’s athletes entered during the Parade of Nations – yeah, we all saw it) tried to pretend he wasn’t a homophobic bigot but Adam Rippon wasn’t having any of it, and I’m happy to report he hasn’t backed down from that powerful stance. Pence made overtures to meet with Rippon (dude, get off his jock already) but Rippon quickly pointed out Pence’s anti-gay voting history when refusing a sit-down with the awful man. (It’s on record, so when Pence pretends otherwise it’s an easily-refuted lie.)

I’m more excited about Rippon’s Olympic performances. He just skated a perfect program for the USA’s Figure Skating Team Event (and was robbed by, ahem, the Olympic Athletes from Russia – that’s their moniker being that the country cheated so much and was basically banned from the Olympic games – look it up). But beauty and talent will always defy points and scoring systems, so Rippon can rest assured that he soared over his competition. He competes in the individual events today and tomorrow, and it promises to be mesmerizing. 


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Hunk of the Day: Jordan Bruno

Having just been christened ‘Mr. Gay Pride Australia 2018’, Jordan Bruno handily wins the coveted Hunk of the Day honor. Spend just a few moments on his Instagram feed and you’ll understand why, or simply scroll down. A stint on ‘My Kitchen Rules’ and a vocal proponent for marriage equality solidify his reigning Hunk status, but you know it’s the photos that really matter.

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Olympic Hunk of the Day: Eric Radford

Openly-gay figure skaters on the competitive level, as it so happens, aren’t as common as one might assume. Johnny Weir never came out while hunting for Olympic medals, and at this point I don’t even care what Brian Boitano would do. That’s been changing, thanks to a different world, a new generation, and the brave efforts of such notable heroes like Adam Rippon, Gus Kenworthy, and Simon Dunn. Add to that lovely group Eric Radford, a pairs figure skater who is scheduled to compete in the Winter Olympics this year. He is the Hunk of the Day for his trailblazing ways on and off the ice.

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Olympic Hunk of the Day: Adam Rippon, One More Time

Sass and ass. That sums up just two of the powerful attributes of one Adam Rippon in this, his second Hunk of the Day feature. Whether it’s powering through a quad or taking on our hate-filled hypocritical Vice President with casual gusto, Rippon has demonstrated he has the guts to win the glory. He fought through a difficult Nationals program to earn his spot on the Olympic roster (headlined by Nathan Chen), and the past year of competition has more than proven him worthy of contention. He’ll bring his special brand of power and pizzazz to the Olympic games next month, and he’s already illustrated that he is One to Watch.

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Rainbow Tie Magic

The best bow-tie statements are bold, crisp, and colorful. If you can muster the cadence of a rainbow in the design, so much the better. In a few days (October 11) we will be celebrating National Coming Out Day. In the event that you’re in need of an accessory with which to spread your LGBTQ spirit, check out these colorful Gay Pride Bow Ties – the perfect addition to an outfit of which one can truly be proud.

The best part of these is that part of the purchase goes toward a wonderful cause (each tie has its own non-profit organization to which part of the purchase goes). When you can add some pizzazz to your sartorial regime and help others out in the process then by all means you should proceed. These bow ties are a lovely addition to any wardrobe and come in handy at a multitude of events. A burst of color is never wrong, and a hint of rainbow can be a subtle treat if you’re looking to make a splash.

Using hand-woven silk from the United Kingdom and made in the United States in the state of Vermont, their creation is truly an international affair. The end results are works of unity and love, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s their official promo:

It does not matter if you are Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Intersex, Allies or whatever religious affiliation, it is important to know we need to coexist and respect each other. This is why we donate $5.00 for every bow tie sold. We want to unify people and make a difference in the world. That is why we are more than just a bow tie!

{Visit their site here to lend your support.}

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Hunk of the Day: Troye Sivan

As a semi-wise woman once said, I believe the children are our future. Troye Sivan may not be a child anymore, as he graduates into adulthood with this Hunk of the Day crowning, but he is most definitely the future. Not only as an openly-gay musician and actor, but as the new wave of a world where one’s sexuality no longer defines or pigeonholes them. It’s a world of possibility and hope, and no matter how much haters may want us to go back, we never will. Witness the matter-of-fact way in which he incorporates gay characters and storylines into his videos. Thanks to Mr. Sivan for leading the charge, and for making such great music. See his latest ‘There For You’ video below and then head to his website for more magic

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The Untamed Heart

“The hardest thing to govern is the heart.” – Queen Elizabeth

There was only one thing that really made me want to break my blog silence of the summer, and that was this animated short of blossoming love. Oh how I wish I’d seen this when I was a kid. It gives perfect representation to all the heartaches and heartbreaks I’d put myself through, but it gives a glimpse of hope and a slightly happy ending that was mostly missing from my younger years.

Most of us, if we’ve been lucky and brave, have experienced the kind of fear, exultation, joy, and terror involved in falling for someone. That they may or may not feel the same is one of life’s great thrills. No matter which way it’s gone in my past, I’ve never regretted any of it. I would give my heart willingly all over again because there is something noble about loving another person. It is one of the gifts of being human, of being in this world, of being part of something.

We are always better for having loved.

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A Thigh-High Kinky Gala

Give me a gala theme, and I’ll rock it.

Even if it means practicing in heels for a week beforehand.

Such was the case with the Kinky Boots theme for the formal kick-off to Albany Pride weekend.

Hot pink high-heel thigh-high high-heel boots

Better than the boots were all the florals I had going on.

(Yes, I know. Florals. For spring. Groundbreaking.)

Big roses and bombastic peonies lined a coral-hued jacket, while a rose-adorned skirt puffed out behind me on a cloud of fuchsia tulle. The topper was a peachy fascinator – all netting and feathers and swirligigs (which is a term I just made up at this moment for whatever else sprouted from my head) – an absolute necessity for such an ensemble. The finishing touch that set it apart from doyenne extravagance – a super-short pair of dark denim cut-offs, because every outfit needs a twist or two.

I had a spare fascinator for Suzie because I’m me and she’s Suzie. If I can’t be counted on for a spare fascinator, my life has been in vain. It’s why we work so well together.

The night was magical – a perfect semi-formal kick-off to the start of pride. In this tumultuous year, we needed to make it feel like summer again.

Nobody does that better than Suzie. No one makes me laugh more over less, act foolish when I’m trying to be deadly serious, or reach back to some obscure childhood memory that brings me to more laughter.

There is also no one more ill-equipped and useless to help with high heels on a wet lawn. I mean, she just walked away and left me sinking there. And then she laughed about it. It wasn’t quite the submissive shrug she gave when they told her that her childhood poodle (Duchess) had met its demise beneath the wheels of a car, but you get the idea.

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Banned Boy Butter

Since when does an old-fashioned butter-churning escapade turn into something too titillating (read: too gay) for Comcast to air it during RuPaul’s Freaking Drag Race? Since now, apparently, as the commercial below was just banned by Comcast in an effort to solidify its evil reputation. Oh well, you know the Boy butter company is only going to get even more publicity from this, so lucky them. I’m more interested in promoting anything that Seth Fornea features so prominently in. (I mean, hello. And hello. And, umm, hi there.)

And to think, the only butter-churning experience I’ve had likely involved some play-acting in Old Sturbridge Village by a woman who would probably give Skip Montross douche-chills. (Buy us a cocktail one day and he’ll tell you all about it.)

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When Parents Find Out You’re Gay

I’ll tell my own version of that some other day, as it has no place in the light and frothy mid-day post. Instead, here’s an uplifting video of other folks who find out what their Dads thought of them coming out. It was originally uploaded for Father’s Day, but we need a little levity before June, so take a look.

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Hunk of the Day: Amini Fonua

He’s already been featured here during last summer’s Olympic games, and today Amini Fonua gets his proper Hunk of the Day crowning. Fonua is a Tongan swimmer (and, if you’ll recall, Tonga opened those Olympics in fine shirtless fashion). A proud member of the LGBT community, Fonua is a hero on a number of fronts. Congrats to him on this latest honor.

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Art For Inspiration

In anticipation of his upcoming coloring book release, artist Paul Richmond has been featured here quite a bit over the past couple of days (and we have one more extra-special Richmond post up later today – hint: it rhymes with ‘trunk’). Artists, much more than sports figures and politicians, have always been my heroes. They are the ones I look up to, the ones that inspire me, and the ones that, far too often, go unheralded for changing the world. A work of art has the power to transform lives and alter the trajectory of the universe. It’s not always apparent, and it usually happens on a smaller level and scale than most events that people think of as shaping the world, but though the plane may seem smaller, it’s actually more pervasive and powerful than many of us realize.

When I was younger, I looked for people like me in places like xy magazine. I also looked for recognition in the works of Herb Ritts and Keith Haring, gay artists who celebrated the male figure. As I grew older, I found solace and reassurance in the images of Paul Richmond, Steve Walker, Joe Phillips, and Michael Breyette. Their work showed two men in love, in friendship, in lust, and in companionship. That art was vital in getting me to see myself as worthy of love, and realizing that my love was as true and moving as anyone else’s love.

That’s why art will always matter.

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Happy Anniversary HomoRadio!

A quarter of a century ago a little radio show called ‘HomoRadio’ premiered on WRPI College Radio. It was the very definition of a grass-roots, bare-bones sort of set-up, and about the only thing it had going for it was a provocative name (and accompanying subject matter) and the passion of its commentators and contributors. That passion soon ignited a steady, dedicated, and ever-expanding group of listeners that now leads to all corners of the world.

Shortly after its inception, I was visiting home from college and fiddling around with the car radio on a Sunday drive when I heard a group of people who sounded like me, who were playing music I liked and knew, and who were talking about gay topics. Like my discovery of xy magazine a few years prior, it was a revelation. It was the moment of understanding that I was less alone than I realized. Galvanized, I tuned in whenever I was in town, and those Sunday mornings helped me understand who I was, and, more importantly, that I had allies and friends in the world, even if I’d never met them.

On any given Sunday, the topics range from the super serious to the super silly (I will never not crack up at Dr. Ray reading a dildo story), and in a span of four hours emotions can run from giddy and elated to heartbreakingly despondent, but through it all the guiding voices, and sometimes dissenting opinions, remind us that even in our differences we are together in this world. Now more than ever there is comfort and healing in that, and for twenty five years we’ve been lucky enough to have this wonderful group of people sharing their thoughts and hopes and dreams and integral information with us.

Tune in to HomoRadio‘s 25th landmark anniversary broadcast this Sunday, February 5th, from 10 AM until 2 PM eastern time! (You’re also invited to share your memories and stories by calling the studio line during that at 518.276.6248.)

In February of 1992, the local media outlets were positively buzzing about the premiere of “HomoRadio,” a groundbreaking new show on WRPIcollege radio. Bill Clinton was a little known governor of Arkansas at the time with his eye on the White House. It was indeed a different era in every way. The very title of the show was heart stopping in the very starkness of its sound. “HomoRadio?!” Even some members of the gay community were in awe of the choice! Now, a quarter of a century later, various media outlets have reported that the show has grown to be the top rated college program in the world, often rivaling commercial programming!

Executive producer and co-host of the show, Dr. Ray Werking likes to say, “When I started on ‘HomoRadio’ eleven years ago, we used to quip that our audience consisted of two people and a dog. Now, the whole world is listening!” “HomoRadio” has been lovingly referred to in the press as the gay version of the popular ABC-TV daytime talk show “The View.” The show has grown from an initial two hours to a current four hour stint. Nationally known best-selling authors now literally wait in line to discuss their works! The depth, breadth, and spectrum of the popular show is nothing short of amazing!

Werking commented, “We have a huge audience, ranging from middle school and high school gay-straight alliance clubs to a loyal group of folks in an Arizona nursing home who never miss a week. What a ride this has been for a show many thought would never survive!”

Sean McLaughlin, a 20 year veteran volunteer who serves as the show’s program director and engineer said, “I’m very proud of all that ‘HomoRadio’ accomplishes by entertaining, informing, and educating the community with a constantly changing mix of news, interviews, features, and music. It’s amazing to think about how the love that once dare not speak its name is now heard by loyal and dedicated fans all over the world.”

McLaughlin noted several awards the program has been honored with, including a highwater mark in “HomoRadio” history that occurred last June 10th when the program was awarded the coveted “Ally of the Year” Award from GLSEN, The Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, a non-profit organization whose goal is providing a safe and respectful learning environment for all K-12 students to learn.

“HomoRadio” consists of news, interviews with local and national guests, event listings, and music by gay-friendly artists. The show kicks off each Sunday with “This Way OUT,” an internationally syndicated news magazine for the gay community.

A team of dedicated volunteers broadcast live to a wide audience filled with members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community as well as straight allies every Sunday from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm Eastern Time on WRPI 91.5 FM from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. The show streams live on the web at and via an ever-increasing number of smartphone apps, including TuneIn, iTunes and Apple TV.

For more information, visit their website at or like “HomoRadio” on FaceBook.

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“ART SEX LIFE” by Ismael Álvarez

Spanish artist Ismael Álvarez has been featured here before, as a Hunk of the Day, but now he gets  amore meaningful profile as he launches his latest work, “Art Sex Life” – a brilliant collection of his artistic work that captures the stunning and colorful work that he’s been generating for his entire life. It’s as much a culmination of his output as it is a promise for greater things to come. Álvarez continues to craft pieces of perfect pop-culture resonance and relevance, celebrating the erotic and challenging the notion of the pornographic.

The heads of pop icons like Frida Kahlo and Hello Kitty find themselves on colorfully animated male bodies, jarring and comical and giddily pulling from radical sources of inspiration. Álvarez himself provides ample full-frontal artistry in poses of supreme control and devastating vulnerability. His gaze is alternately intense and removed, sometimes quite literally so. It’s a delicious tension that manages to sustain itself through the complete collection, never finding reconciliation, but always leaving a little want, a hint of desire.

The book is a hefty 200 pages, filled with Alvarez’s illustrations and photographs, a dizzying multi-format representation of an artist who is impelled to create and express himself across forms. It lends a restlessness to the proceedings, as if we were getting an intimate look at how his brain works firsthand, and it’s a wondrous trip to behold.

{‘ART SEX LIFE’ by Ismael Álvarez may be purchased online here, or in bookstores in Spain. Also, be sure to check out his enchanting website, which is a compelling compendium of his artwork.}

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