Monday Funday Recap

Yes, I’m christening Monday the new Funday, because we need it now. After a very gay weekend of Boston Pride, and Albany Pride (neither of which I quite made) – and the Tony Awards, which engaged me more than most (especially as I get to see ‘Kinky Boots’ and ‘Pippin’ this coming weekend!) it’s time to recap the previous week. Summer, and beautiful days, makes these recaps more tedious to write, and I’m guessing more tedious to read. I won’t feel bad if you skip it. Points for honesty.

Biggest news: I finally joined Instagram. And Instagram will never be the same. I’m behaving for the moment (not even one selfie yet!) but that won’t last. Nothing gold can stay…

There was the Great Gatsby party, in 95 degree heat, and it was hot, hot, hot!

This was a very floriferous week in the garden, particularly thanks to the peonies, clematis, tree peoniesdogwoods, more peonies, and lilacs – even if I had to be ruthless.

The first swim of the season happened.

There were some summer culinary treats, simple and true, in the form of one sizzling salad and some simple side dishes.

One of my favorite bands, James, provided inspiration for this memorable song.

Your Hunks of the Day were comprised of Pavel Petel and a naked Olympian, Evan Lysacek.

And last but most certainly not least,it was my best friend Suzie’s birthday. Pay respect. 

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