In the Midst of New York, A Recap

We interrupt this string of New York City posts with a Monday morning recap, because you cannot escape the past. I realize that a little more each day, such as in the moment I looked behind me to the long line that stretched out in Home Depot. I had just put down a pair of sweet potato vine baskets since the guy ahead of me was taking a ridiculous amount of time to figure out why the item he was trying to buy was marked $4.99 and was ringing up at… $4.99. Not rocket science, but I kept my mouth shut and looked at the growing line, into which a familiar face had stepped. It happens a lot – and I usually smile and nod and ask ‘How are you?’ even if I have no clue who the person is. It’s easier that way. On this day, the woman caught me looking, and recognized me as well. I knew it before she had to even mouth the words, ‘Jury duty.‘ A fellow juror, from the trial that will always be a part of my past, and a part of me. I smiled, asked how she was doing, then paid for my things and left without looking back or engaging further. It was nothing against her – she happened to be one of the nicest people on the jury – I just wanted to keep that in the past.

As for the more recent past, it was a week that will be most fondly remembered for this year’s Broadway excursion with Mom. A couple of shows (‘Mothers & Sons‘ and ‘The Bridges of Madison County‘ have already been reviewed – and there’s one big one to come (‘Hedwig & the Angry Inch’) so for now enjoy the walk through Central Park (another one is on the way) and a dinner with Suzie.

In the name of a good cause, I almost had to get full-frontally naked – well, not almost, but closer than I was comfortable seeing… As it was, I fell far short of my goal, so the family jewels will not be going on display any time soon.

Madonna got more naked than I did.

The formal event of the Pride season will take place on June 13, 2014 ~ ‘A Breakfast at Tiffany’s Formal Affaire‘ ~ the night before the Pride Parade in Albany.

There were a few Hunks on parade, including a bathing and bulging Tom DaleyTomas Skoloudik, Peter Nelson, Clark Davis, and Adrian Grenier.

A little lazy post.

A rose of Lent, a little late, but just as beautiful.

Finally, and most importantly, a tribute to a friend from the Cape, whose life was taken far too soon.


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