Rose of Lent, a Little Late

051114 066

The Lenten Rose is still in full bloom. Traditionally one of the earlier bloomers, as it was again this year, it’s only coming into its own now because we had such a late start to the season. However, over the weekend it seems that Mother Nature decided to catch up a bit, and those peonies I thought might last after Memorial Day seem hell-bent on doing it on time no matter what. The Lenten rose continues its blooming cycle, and as this specimen is about ten years old, it’s mature enough to put on a lovely show.

These plants are notorious for taking their sweet time to bloom, but once they start, they offer this sort of scene rather reliably, no matter how torn and ragged last hear’s leaves may at first seem. It is best to cut them off if too badly worn – this also instigates a new flush of fresh foliage. At any rate, we are back on track.

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