Frigid Monday Recap

Hello winter weather, and thar she blows! The wind was whipping up something fierce last night, and… hold up, why am I talking like someone on ‘Hee Haw’? It must be the onslaught of holiday insanity, arriving just in time. This is the week of Thanksgiving – there’s no pretending we’re not in the season anymore, so rather than fight it, I’m embracing it, as I always try to do (and often fail). It’s a different sort of year, given that our kitchen will be (literally) tore up from the floor up starting next week (that’s right – next week – and I’m just as interested in you as to how the kitchen will be emptied by that time). On with the recap!

Warning: Graphic images!

Some fierce fun with Kira, with whom I could let my hair down (no word on whether my pants followed suit).

Update: my pants came down.

Washington loved this coat.

Henry Cavill worked it all out. Shirtlessly, of course.

Steve Grand worked it shirtlessly too.

Chord Overstreet… yup, shirtless.

Jon Varak simply bulged.

Give it up for a naked Liev Schreiber too.

I covered back up with the most important outfit of the year. And here’s a better view.

There’s something about a red room.

For all those who have wanted to make me cry, here’s the no-longer-secret way.

But there’s always a thing or two of beauty to act as balm for the soul.

Finally, my favorite holiday tradition is intact, and Andy and I saw this on the big screen in Saratoga for the first time ever, followed by a frigid and wind-whipped stroll on Broadway after the show.

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