The Most Important Outfit of the Year

Tomorrow marks the Beaujolais Nouveau Wine Festival, in support of the AIDS Council of New York. It’s probably the biggest social event Andy and I attend, and I’ve been going for over ten years. Arriving at this time (the week before Thanksgiving), it’s come to embody the kick-off of the holiday season. As such, I tend to put a little more effort into my outfit.

There was the time I went in a Swarovski-encrusted corset, black lace shirt, black pants, and black cowboy boots. There was the time I went in equestrian pants, Burberry tie, and thigh-high shiny black vinyl lace-up boots. There was the time I went in fuchsia pants, Pee Wee Herman platform shoes, and a red cape (one of my favorites). There was the time I went in orange silk Indian pajamas. There was the time I went in a mirrored jacket (the only time the Times Union actually published a photo of me, despite taking my picture and name EVERY SINGLE YEAR). There was the time I went in a white tuxedo jacket, black velvet page-boy breeches, and black-and-white striped stockings.

There were casual years as well – and for a while I alternated between a fancy extravagant wardrobe, and a jeans and t-shirt outfit. Obviously, those in-between years were easier to pull off, and I may go that route this year, but I may not. If not, this hint of green will be part of the extravaganza. Otherwise, look for me in peasant gear.

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