Blue Cardigan, Red Room, No Pants

True eccentrics rarely refer to themselves as eccentric, though I believe we are well aware of who we are. There’s simply no need to herald it. (That said, I don’t consider myself all that eccentric.) For my part, I do what I like, I wear what I like, and you either love it or hate it. (The ones who keep coming back and proclaiming they don’t care, well, they keep coming back. You know who you are.)

The following quotes come from an excellent article on eccentrics that was published in a recent issue of the New York Times Magazine.

“That’s what makes a real eccentric: they really mean it, and they’re willing to suffer for it. Their social function is to explode our preconceptions about what beauty is and what good taste means. Eccentrics raise the bar on the impossible… The true eccentric gives us more mystery, more wonder about being human, a new side to beauty, while the faux-eccentric gives us less of everything.” ~ Andrew O’Hagan

“People like this are beautiful storytellers, breaking rules you didn’t even know were there, just so you can see better and maybe be better. Life is so full of rules and so full of predictable routines that one can almost forget that art and life depend on spontaneity. Enter the eccentric.” ~ Andrew O’Hagan

“They didn’t always get the life they wanted, but they knew how to dream… And maybe that’s the true definition of an eccentric – someone who can’t be slain by what lesser people might say.” ~ Andrew O’Hagan

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