My Most-Complimented Coat Ever


Previously, that title belonged to a dark green alpaca coat in a subtle plaid pattern, lined with chartreuse – which managed to be both warm but light-weight. After this weekend in Washington, however, the light rusty orange coat pictured here (from H&M of all places) now takes that title, and by quite a bit. When I wear this while walking the streets of Downtown Albany, it elicits stares and puzzled looks (and one bout of snickering by a woman who should not have been wearing leggings – at least according to the poor, over-strained leggings).

In Washington I got at least fifteen compliments in my first few hours of walking around that city. More amusing was the woman who gave me one compliment, then approached me again, in the same store, ten minutes later to reiterate how much she liked it and how good they looked with the shoes I had on. The first double-compliment I’ve ever received. I’m not saying that makes Washington better than Albany, but… well, it does.

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