Desert Revival Recap

While the desert works its wonders in recent posts, we pause for the usual Monday morning recap, in which we look back briefly on the week the clock moved into spring. A very happy week indeed…

It began with the start of spring, a glorious beginning indeed, even if it still resembled winter in sight and sound.

Winner winner, Italian dinner.

Smells like red rhubarb.

Not just the August place to be.

A breathless moon fit for a dance.

A naked Ashley Parker-Angel.

The Delusional Grandeur Tour, in full-effect.

That Zac Efron Freedom Speedo.

A desert journey that began decades ago came to fruition at last. I waited for the sun, but the rain is something special in the desert. It carried its own special perfume. Spikes and spines made for excellent architecture. There was beauty in the botany too. Angels and art soared through the air.

Hunks of the Day included Preston Truman Boyd, Will Taylor, Fred Johanson and Connor Franta.

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