A Brief Saratoga Jaunt


Josie joined us last weekend, and we made a trip to Saratoga on a Saturday morning. We’d done this once before, and it’s always a good time. A little shopping on Broadway followed by a lunch at Cantina, all in the service of finding Josie some jewelry for a very special event coming up next month. If it was to be found in this area, it would be found in Saratoga, which has the most unique shops, as evidenced by a few photos I got during our excursion.

The shops along Broadway offered all sorts of whimsy and enchantment – crystals and incense and silk capes, jewelry and coffeehouses and ornate boxes for trinkets – a little of everything precious and beautiful. Not a bad way to spend the last Saturday of winter, and the company was stellar. We returned home to this previously-heralded dinner by Andy and ended the day in fine, and full, form.


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