A Week Reviewed

The shortest day of the year just passed, so it’s only going to get lighter and brighter from here on out. That’s a happy sign, even if it means winter has just begun. The last week was a relatively quiet one as the holiday reaches its climax in a few short days. I’m working on an end-of-the-year pair of posts to fully recap the year that came before, but I may just post a few pics and let them speak for themselves. There’s much to be done, but first the usual Monday look back.

Tis’ the season for beating the drum, and beating the bishop.

Eating of The Cock.

The Madonna Timeline was seasonally appropriate, with ‘Masterpiece‘.

Hunks were decked out in all their shirtlessness, and several nude male celebrities made their debut here, including Will SmithBen Foden, Brandon Beemer, Brian Shimansky, Nolan Funk, and Konstantinos Frantzis.

Holiday memories of staircases and ornaments, and the year without Christmas.

Finally, the first photos of the kitchen-in-progress.

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