Stripped Bare

The kitchen renovation has not been mentioned here for a while, but since a few friends have been asking for pictures, here are a few from the early days of the project. Thus far, it’s been surprisingly, and happily, uneventful. There were no unexpected setbacks ~ no hidden asbestos or support beams in the soffit, no bearing wall issues, no crotch rot or something similar. We seem to be on track, and the company that is performing the contractor work is amazing – Skylands Services. (They even vacuum at the end of each and every construction day.)

To be honest, I was expecting something much worse (and perhaps, when I return from work at the end of this first sheet-rocking day, I’ll find it in inches of dust throughout the rest of the house) but to date there are no complaints. I had some concerns about the opening in the new expanded entry-way (which they explained as both a design and logistical necessity), and some questions as to the placement of the recessed lighting (also addressed), but every question was met with open-minded discussion and reasonable explanation. Also, contrary to popular belief, I’m a fairly easy-going guy when it really counts. I’ll take issue with the choice of crocs, but not with the placement of a wall when a venting duct is in the way.

I’m trying not to get used to all the space that suddenly seems so luxurious, because I know that once the cabinets come in it will close right back up again, but I’m counting on the removal of the wall that once separated the kitchen and dining room, and the expansion of the entryway, to alleviate the cramped feeling that previously caused problems. Sometimes, you just need a little more breathing room to feel good about things again.

I’ll post more photos as progress continues, but I also want to keep updates to a minimum, as I think a before and after post will be more than effective at expressing the changes than a gradual stop-by-step report. Of course, if things start falling apart, I may start a daily kitchen report, chronicling each setback and delay, but why dwell on the negative when things have so far progressed rather well?

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