A Laborious Recap

Sometimes it feels like this blog is one big labor pain, but it’s a labor of love, and until I no longer feel the need to keep this online diary of sorts, it will continue. I do see a day, and maybe it’s not too far in the future, when I will step back a bit, when I might want to more fully invest in this present moment on earth and reduce the time and effort it takes to put out daily content, but for now we’ve established a cozy relationship, so let’s share what went on in the past week, because it was a pretty good one.

Britney Spears took over crotch-grabbing duties.

Nick Jonas showcased his crotch in tight leather.

August ended with a recap.

It was THIS BIG.

Where was this song when I needed it?

A birthday run-in with the police of New Jersey.

My first visit to Rehoboth Beach was filled with beach beauty, shore relaxation, and the might of the ocean.

There were also good books, a fun bunch of kids, and more beach bonhomie. These magic moments will be remembered this winter.

Hunks of the Day included Victor Gaspar, Trevor LaPaglia, Uriah Harris, Jon Pastor,

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